BAST® is a system for analyzing whole body movement in space including expressive movement. It comprises a movement diagnostic test, rating scales for movement behaviour, and a questionnaire for self-assessment of movement behaviour. 

BAST® is designed to investigate body movement behavior and its relation to specific mental functions. Thus far, BAST® has been primarily applied for diagnostic purposes in psychosomatic medicine, psychiatry, and clinical psychology. The BAST® analysis of an individual's movement behaviour provides a basis for therapeutic interventions, in particular in movement and body psychotherapy.Hedda Lausberg

BAST® has been developed by Hedda Lausberg. The development of the BAST® system has been supported by the German Research Assocation (DFG) grant FE 239/3-1 to Hubert Feiereis.

BAST® is protected by copyright law. Any researcher is kindly asked to contact Hedda Lausberg in case of

  1. any commercial use of the BAST® system or parts of the system,
  2. any development of automatic and software based analysis systems implementing NEUROGES® or parts of BAST®,
  3. any publication or commercialization of translated versions or of modified systems (adaptions) based on the BAST® system.


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